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1Staff Recruitment and Staffing Software Solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP (0 Reviews)
From resumes and job orders to financial statements, 1Staff provides a staffing software solution that lets you integrate either the 1Staff Front Office or Back Office with your existing systems or use...
amProject for Machinery and Plant Engineering based on Dynamics NAV (0 Reviews)
Growing globalization increases the competitive pressure in the machinery and plant engineering. Suppliers calculate with smaller marginal returns, banks and clients ask for an incontestable credit rating...
ZAP Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (0 Reviews)
ZAP Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an out-of-the-box analytics solution that provides BI capabilities such as reports, dashboards, KPIs, scorecards, ad-hoc analysis, and alerts. View...
Sitecore CMS
Sitecore CMS makes it effortless to create websites with rich content to help you achieve your business goals by increasing sales and search engine visibility. Sitecore lets you deliver sites that are...
Version: 6.4
Halo Prism
Halo Prism delivers a full spectrum of interactive dashboards and reporting options coupled with built-in analytic and collaboration tools that not only let you visualize your information, but discuss it,...
Release Date: 1/04/2011
Version: 6
aPlus+ Analytics (0 Reviews)
aPlus+ Analytics is built on a powerful reporting platform, designed to make it easy for you to explore your data. aPlus+ Analytics is available as a module of aPlus+ or as a stand alone solution...
aPlus+ Assessment and Results (0 Reviews)
aPlus+ Assessment and Results works alongside your existing student information management systems, transforming your management of student assessment and results. Replace manual processes that are...
Version: 2
aPlus+ Attendance (0 Reviews)
Working alongside existing student information systems, aPlus+ Attendance tracking software enables you to instantly benefit from specialist capabilities. Actively monitor student attendance Replace...
AQD - Aviation Safety & Quality Management System (0 Reviews)
As the first system to combine elements of Quality Assurance with more traditional Flight Safety concepts, AQD systematically ensures that corrective actions are effective. AQD offers a high level of...
BizTalk Azure Archiver (0 Reviews)
BizTalk component that allows you to archive messages to Windows Azure. Organizations are archiving more and more data, to meet regulatory, audit and business requirements. The BizTalk Azure Archiver...
Release Date: 23/08/2012