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DBModular SQL Scripting (0 Reviews)
DBModular assists in the execution of predifined sql scripts. With auditing and logging all scripts are registered in a database and can log changes to those scripts every time they are run. DBModular is...
Release Date: 15/07/2013
Version: 1.00.00
Exolvo 4.14 (0 Reviews)
Exolvo 4.14 includes legislative changes for New Zealand tax compliance for 2014. Exolvo is a fully integrated HR and Payroll system. • Make wise work-force decisions, based on the best quality HR and...
Release Date: 10/03/2014
Version: 4.14
Fingertapps Organizer Lite (0 Reviews)
Fingertapps Organizer provides a tool to help improve planning of family activities. It will help reduce missed appointments and forgotten tasks. Organizer also helps to bring the family together and...
Release Date: 8/07/2014
Pocket Launcher (0 Reviews)
Pocket Launcher is an application used by Pocket RAMM users to launch Pocket Manager which is our mobile version of RAMM. It uses a combination of Microsoft® technologies Windows® 7, 8, 8.1 with .Net 4...
StayinFront CRM 12 (0 Reviews)
StayinFront CRM software solutions enable companies to more effectively plan, execute and measure customer relationship management strategies. StayinFront CRM helps sales and management teams target,...
Version: 12
Titanium (0 Reviews)
The Titanium software application is designed specifically to assist medium to large enterprises in the management and delivery of oral health services. The application supports school, community,...
Release Date: 24/07/2013
Version: 12.20.8
Webroot Endpoint Protection (0 Reviews)
As part of our Think Assured Product range we put together the best solutions in the marketplace, our preferred Endpoint Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware solution is Webroot, we use it in house and trust it to...
Winscribe Dictation (0 Reviews)
Winscribe Dictation software provides digital dictation, document / letter creation and workflow for Enterprises. Digital audio authoring from Olympus and Philips portable recorders and digital...
Version: 4.2
32feet.NET (0 Reviews)
32feet.NET is a shared-source project to make personal area networking technologies such as Bluetooth, Infrared (IrDA) and more, easily accessible from .NET code. Supports desktop, mobile or embedded...
Release Date: 9/09/2011
Version: 3.5
ABBYY Business Card Reader for Windows (0 Reviews)
Turn business cards into actionable contacts in seconds ABBYY Business Card Reader 2.0 (for Windows) automatically digitizes paper business cards data and transforms it into systemized contact database....
Release Date: 5/06/2012
Version: 2