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Olympic Software NZ Ltd

Trader – Intelligent Ecommerce that links with your financials

by Olympic Software NZ Ltd

Trader is an ecommerce and content management solution that integrates directly to your Dynamics ERP, so to provide personalised and supply-chain transparent experiences for your online customers.

Integration with Dynamics ERP:
Trader integrates with your back-end system to the extent that there is no need for you to enter product names, pricing, specification, stock-level or pictures onto your website, as Trader will pull this information directly from Dynamics ERP in real time. Trader also integrates deeply on the customer level. While logged in customers can view pricing options that are intended just for them, past invoices - or even IM (Instant Message) you through Microsoft Lync.

Empower your customers:
Beyond providing personalised organisational views for your customers, Trader also allows your customers to manage their interaction with your site, by putting user registration in their hands. Managing users themselves, customers save time and money where they would normally require your (or our) services to configure such things - and you save time too, not having to do such menial tasks for them.

Empower your Design/Marketing team:
Beyond the obvious time saved by your Marketing and Design team by not keying in product information, Trader will also keep your creatives happy because they can actually USE the software to publish their content online themselves! Working within the interface requires no HTML knowledge, and very little product training. You’ll eliminate challenges like a spelling mistake left for weeks on your "host changes for next time" list, or a picture that is no longer relevant. This is a huge organisational advantage in today's "changing at the speed of light" world.

Empower your bottom line:
Ultimately, Trader is a facilitator of increased interaction and satisfaction from your customers that reduces the task-list of your staff. All this means more dollars on your bottom line.

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