Using the Dashboard

The Pinpoint Dashboard is your primary resource for managing your company profiles and personal details, reviewing profile performance, and monitoring customer requests.

Sign in to the Dashboard using the Microsoft Account credentials associated to your company’s MPN membership and select the links from the left-hand navigation to review or edit the information included. 

Learn how you can identify yourself as a member of your company so that you can access your Dashboard.

If this is your first time signing in to the Dashboard, you will need to complete the New User sign-up page before accessing your profile details.


Add or edit profiles

Manage all of your company, application and professional service profiles. 

If you have profiles in multiple countries or languages, make sure that you change the selection in the ‘View Listings For’ drop-down list in order to select these additional profiles.

Create new profiles or use the ‘Actions’ drop-down menu to view and edit existing profiles, associate profiles with additional countries or update your company’s contact and location info.

  • Edit details
    • For Company Overviews use this option to enter your company name, description, logo and website URL.
    • For Apps + Services use this option to enter your solution name, description, screenshots and URLs to specific pages on your website that provide additional information about your product
    • Important:  Your profiles will not be published on the site until they have been approved by the Pinpoint Team.  Make sure that you select ‘Submit for Approval’ to begin the approval process. 


  • View details
    • Review your profile appearance and status using this option.  Make sure that you check that any links, logos or screenshots are functioning properly
    • Once your profile is published, you can access hyperlinks to the live site version of your profile (by country) from this menu as well.


  • Associate countries/regions
    • Change the countries/regions your profiles appear in.  Use this option to list a single profile in multiple countries that use the same language.  Available countries are based on the language of a given profile
    • If you already have a Company Overview associated with a particular country, you will not be able to associate that country with subsequent company overviews
    • In order to associate a country with an Application or Professional Service, you must first associate that country with one of your existing company overviews.


  • Manage locations
    • Use this menu to link additional office locations to this profile and to update the profile’s contact information. This includes the email contact that receives customer leads.  This option is available for Company Overviews only.
    • You can also access your map settings from this menu.


Edit personal details

Manage the personal information associated with your Pinpoint account.

Choose to opt in or out of receiving profile status updates in your inbox and set the email destination for these notifications.

Note: Your sign-in credentials cannot be changed from this menu – they are based on the Microsoft Account ID associated with your company’s MPN membership.



Review the performance of each of your individual profiles in number of visits or page views. You can also see which search terms and filters led customers to your pages.

Use the ‘Requests’ tab to see the activity related to the contact information of your profile.


Customer requests

Manage your Pinpoint-generated leads from this menu.  Sort, view and reply to potential customers from one central location in your Dashboard.