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Agersi offers 3 applications:
Autocomplete Lookup (0 Reviews)
Add-in/Add-on by: Agersi
Release Date: 12/01/2012
Price: For Purchase
Autocomplete lookup provides a way to increase productivity working with lookup type fields in SharePoint forms. Autocomplete lookup allows users to lookup data with typing just a fragment of text. No more pop-up screens – user just types a fragment and selects a value. Autocomplete lookup can be configured to search in several columns from a lookup list, for example, you can... Read more
Birthday Web Part (0 Reviews)
Add-in/Add-on by: Agersi
Release Date: 21/11/2011
Price: For Purchase
Birthday web part displays birthday or anniversary information from any selected lists. You can use one or several Birthday web part instances on a page to display anniversaries of your employees and to display birthdays of VIP customers. - Easy way to remember all important birthdays and anniversaries. - Allows displaying birthdays or anniversaries from several selected... Read more
To Do List Web Part (0 Reviews)
Add-in/Add-on by: Agersi
Release Date: 15/11/2011
Price: For Purchase
ToDo List web part provides intuitive and very effective way of managing to do notes on any SharePoint page. You can drop the ToDo List web part on a page and have a list of to-do’s resembling yellow sticky notes. To-do note is entered in the web part – there are no other dialog forms, no clicking! - Quick and easy way for managing personal to-do notes. - No unnecessary... Read more