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NewLease Software Limited

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Phone: +64 (9) 974 9632

Hosted Services, Managed Services, Outsourced Services, SaaS, Software + Service…if it’s got an “S” for Service in it, we can help you license it.

NewLease has been an authorized distribution partner for the Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) since the program’s infancy. Our experience in the SPLA channel has helped our partners build leading edge services online, offline, and everywhere in between. If you are offering a Microsoft enabled service, contact us to learn about what SPLA can do for you.

Our vision that simple, pay-as-you-go software subscriptions – whether hosted or on-premise - will be in demand over and above complex licensing programs, is already coming to fruition. Delivery is through service providers and we are seeing more and more emerging and sometimes surprising business models where service providers are not IT providers but professional services firms such as accountants, lawyers, real estate agents, and franchisors providing their clients access to software and software services. Cost centres immediately become recurring profit centres and licensing compliance is inherently assured.

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