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ARANZ Medical Silhouette Product Suite

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  • Service Type:

    Consulting, Professional Service
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    Mobile Devices and Applications
  • Works With:

    Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Industry Focus:

    Healthcare, Life Sciences

The ARANZ Medical Silhouette product suite is a computerized wound imaging, analysis and documentation system designed for wound care professionals. Through
the intelligent use of technology this solution captures images of the patient using a custom-designed camera, allows accurate quantitative information to be derived from those images, and builds that information into an electronic patient record for printing,
electronic distribution, and archiving.

Information about the wound’s measurement history is available so the serial progression of the wound status is also calculated and presented. This information
is stored to a robust database and can be shared with other hospital information systems using international protocols for medical data interchange. Using wireless technology patient information that is gathered at remote sites, for example by a nurse in the
field, can be immediately transmitted to a central repository or to a specialist for consultation. This information can include images, quantitative measurements and other wound assessment information gathered at the time of patient visit. Such transfer allows
rapid and informed patient management decisions to be made.

The Silhouette product family consists of the following:

- SilhouetteMobile™ - a portable hand-held computer system with an integrated high resolution digital camera designed specifically for the wound care professional

- SilhouetteCentral™ - a software-only data management system for longer-term storage of the wound information, and for synchronizing data between one or more
SilhouetteMobile devices.

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