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Archymeta Information Technologies Co., Ltd.

Cloud Document Service

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The Archymeta cloud document service is a document production and hosting service in a cloud environment. The structured documentation system is based upon a set of technologies for storing and presenting complex documents. It differs from currently used concrete documentation systems, like Microsoft Word, PDF, WPF documentation in that it is a more abstract way of document presentation, which manifests in:

1) More concrete document representation (like html, including version 5, WPF Flowdocument) is generated by it on the fly;
2) It allows client software to “call” any part of it and combine them in arbitrary ways later;
3) It provides an unified and low cost system for storing, maintaining and presenting multi-lingual documents.

Because of these characteristics, our customers (i.e., the content provider) can enjoy the following benefits:

1)Their readers can read their content using a large number of devices, like a desktop computer, touch friendly Pad or mobile devices, etc. anytime and anywhere. A reader can choose to read the most relevant document fraction, which not only reduces the cost of bandwidth but also more suitable to the modern reading habits;
2) It can provide linkage between user, mobile devices, parts of hardware products and the relevant documentation fractions about the parts. For example a product producer can attach a two dimensional barcode (or even RFID) to a certain part of the product needing help information so that its users with proper devices can extract context (the part) sensitive help information from our system. The context sensitive information are connected in a variety of manner to other parts of the underlying complex document to which it belongs so that the reader can navigate from one piece to another;
3) It is an open platform and API for software providers or information aggregation/analysis providers to produce added value information products/services;
4) It allows end readers to organize and/or share knowledge based on the original documentation (i.e., making bookmarks, share them on social networks, etc.);
5) It provides a low cost and unified production and maintenance system for customers who have needs to host multi-lingual documents.

Note:the formation of the reality called “internet of things” based on smart mobile devices (displays + sensors) and cloud service foundation in recent years has produced new opportunities for product or service providers, especially for those hardware producers.

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