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Atea Cloud SAM

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A software inventory can contain tens of thousands of software titles and grows continuously as new software is introduced into the enterprise (with or without the knowledge of IT).

Identifying, categorizing and ensuring compliance of licensable software found on every desktop is a time consuming IT task. Various tools handle License Management in different ways, but they all require repetitive administrative work.

By using the latest technology from Microsoft, the Atea Cloud SAM service minimizes your administrative overhead and delivers License Compliance Reports as a service.

Atea Cloud SAM is based on:

• Software inventory information collected from Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, MAP Toolkit, or other inventory solution
• All synchronization and management of customer data is hosted by Microsoft Windows Azure platform

Key features:
• Software recognition identifies all licensable software and also blacklisted software such as games
• Online reports show all necessary information about license compliance and software usage
• Atea SAM specialists ensure data is updated daily

• Lowered license costs. Reports show the actual usage of applications to help you cut license costs by uninstalling unused software. There are even specific features showing how well utilized your Adobe suite is
• Trustworthy data. Atea SAM specialists ensure delivery of accurate and consistent data
• Significantly reduced cost for license management. We provide the business intelligence (BI) for SAM and your only action is to follow-up on the delivered reports

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