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AugenHealth/NGO - Benecura CMS

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Benecura is the Client Management System software platform for NGO providers of community health, disability, social services. Developed in close collaboration with the sector, for the sector – Benecura represents the optimum combination of both technology and sector expertise.

Feature Highlights - Having Benecura in the organisation enables a wide range of capabilities, including:

Comprehensive information about clients, needs and relationships – individuals, families, groups, whanau

Comprehensive information about staff/volunteers, their availability, capabilities and work activities

Comprehensive information about organisations, contract for services, service structures and activities, funding sources

Managing client intakes, referrals, sources, service programmes, care plans

Developing and ‘wrapping’ combinations of services around each client/family to suit specific needs

Making use of powerful search and reporting engines for data querying and reporting to stakeholders

Self-help facilities to administer system configuration and develop reports

Electronic reporting for data or compliancy requirements (for example PRIMHD)

Ability to have the system implemented and tailored around the organisation’s specific needs

Professional support from specialist software services company with community health, disability, social services sector experience

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