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BTG's senior team provide technical consulting, and architecture services in a variety of solution verticals. The BTG process is one of listening and analysing customer requirements first, and developing outcomes second. BTG's Consulting framework culminates in clear recommendations, and can include high level concept design, budgeting, and IT strategic plans. Depending on the scale and scope involved BTG will discuss several architecture options to fully engage Client feedback to ensure best fit. The framework BTG uses has been refined to help the Client make the best possible technology choices and outcomes, to support their business success plans.


This is all about detailed solution planning and design. BTG's architectural team will expand on any consult recommendations and develop detailed solution design, including full solution planning, materials and resource plans, budgets, and project plans. This phase deliver all the relevant information for clients to make fully informed technology decision. The areas BTG Design services cover are:
*Consulting and IT Infrastructure Design
*Hardware Consolidation and Storage
*Server and Desktop Virtualisation
*Storage and Archiving and backup
*Disaster Recovery
*Active Directory
*MS Exchange
*WAN Acceleration
*Network Architecture
*Security and Authentication
*Wireless and Mobility
*VOIP and IP Communication

This is where technology solutions are delivered. BTG has a combination of Project Managers and experienced engineering staff who work together to deliver both solution, and point projects of varying complexity. This can cover complete green fields projects, as well and upgrades in existing production environments. BTG has a philosophy of "Delivery is Everything" as this phases is where Clients often make the largest financial commitment, and accordingly have the highest expectations. BTG has a reputation built over ten years for successful solution delivery, and is 100% committed to maintaining this reputation for success.

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