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Legacy Applications & Database Migration

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Statistics show that companies spend around 75% of their IT budget on maintaining legacy systems and applications. Capgemini’s Legacy Application & Database Modernization solution cuts your running costs by half, allowing you to invest these savings in renewing applications.

Our Investment in Legacy Application Modernization
At Capgemini, we have many years of experience working with leading companies every day to understand the value of legacy in the applications. and database environment. We help them find the best ways to minimize total costs and enhance performance.

Thanks to our 5-year partnership with Microsoft, we are adept at reducing application costs, while controlling operational risks for improved business agility.

Improving Business Agility to Cut Costs:

Our Legacy Modernization solution helps you migrate away from cumbersome legacy applications, enabling you to:

- Save on expenditure by reducing application maintenance costs
- Boost performance by controlling operational risks
- Improve business agility through a controlled and proven Application and Database Migration
- Maximize return on investment by leveraging applications such as Microsoft Business Information and workflow technologies. Research by Gartner indicate a typical ROI period of 12-36 months
- Upgrade to flexible applications that respond to business changes

Modernizing Your Legacy Applications and Database:

At Capgemini, we understand why legacy systems are crucial to your business. Our approach to LAM is based on migrating outdated IT systems to modern IT environments such as Windows, SQL and NET.

First, we draw up an inventory and analysis of your legacy system in an intensive workshop. Along with our partners, we then assess the technical possibilities of the migration. After analysis, we collaborate with you to devise a scheduled timeframe for carrying out migration. Our Vitality Index, a standardized process to chart the longevity of your application landscapes, helps you identify the most cost-effective options for future action.

Throughout the process, we follow a controlled, step-by-step approach using migration factories and automated tools that minimize end-user disruptions. The migration takes place in a Capgemini environment and is only carried out after extensive and complete testing.

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