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Custom Development - Solutions and Applications

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Customs applications are critical to your ability to maintain competitive advantage. Capgemini offers the full spectrum of user-centric Microsoft development tools to help you:

- Deploy solutions through familiar environments such as Microsoft Office and SharePoint to promote faster application adoption and less user training
- Empower your users to create their own light applications using tools they already know, thus saving time on requests for IT department sources (e.g., SharePoint 2010 self-service apps)
- Take advantage of next generation web experiences by targeting the Silverlight environment, all based on the .NET Framework

Our Custom Development approach target Applications & Solutions that:

- Optimize your application landscape and lifecycle such as the Microsoft-centric approach to the Wide-Angle Application Rationalization Program (WARP 1).
- Enable mission critical performance that reduces errors and unplanned downtime using Microsoft’s tools and ALM solution
- Seamlessly move their applications to the cloud using the Microsoft Azure services platform that spans the entire spectrum of virtualization services from datacenter to cloud
- Accelerate time to market through the adoption of Agile software development methodologies like SCRUM and consistent .NET environments

Improving Your Application Landscape in 4 Short Steps:

Our specialists work with you to design innovative hypotheses about how to improve your application landscape and lifecycle quickly and effectively. In 4 short steps, we use these to create a rationalization design, business case and transformation roadmap.

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