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IT Securities Limited

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Phone: +64 (027) 497-0184

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Small to Medium Business IT Solutions Specialists

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IT Securities is focused on providing robust, secure and efficient IT systems which meet the exacting demands of modern businesses.
We provide IT procurement and deployment services including: -Software and License Procurement: We negotiate the best deal for you based on your business needs. -License Management: We organize and manage your licenses to ensure your assets are up-to-date
and no unnecessary purchases take place. -Software and License Auditing: We look at your usage and future upgrades against your current licenses. -Workforce mobilisation, the ability to securely connect to the corporate network from anywhere. -Network Security
including Firewalls, Antivirus, Antispam, Antispyware and Intrusion detection systems. -Network setup and monitoring, so that you know you are getting the best out of your network and the people using it. -Server and desktop deployment -Productivity and Line
of Business software deployment i.e. Microsoft Office and various accounting packages.

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