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Fujitsu New Zealand Ltd

Microsoft SharePoint Consultancy

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Fujitsu consultants have extensive knowledge and experience using Microsoft’s SharePoint Portal technologies as a platform for collaboration.

We will work with you over a 2–4-week engagement to implement a SharePoint solution focused on delivering real business benefits and a rapid return on your investment.

The engagement will be structured as follows:
Content Assessment and Architecture Review – An assessment is conducted of your identified content and collaboration needs. We develop a hierarchy that facilitates information management – this is customised to your business objectives and is flexible to accommodate growth.
Portal Development – A basic portal is developed providing a practical foundation to address the business and technology issues identified during the Content Assessment and Architecture Review.
Portal Pilot – SharePoint Portal Server is installed and the solution is implemented and tested in your environment. We deliver a one-hour introduction to the portal for your end users and an additional hourlong information session for your content authors. We also conduct a two-hour session with the Workspace Co-ordinator.
SharePoint Portal is operational – An overview of our recommendations and best practices for portal management and governance is provided.

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