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Montage Business Intelligence

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Montage is an independent business intelligence practice. We are exclusively focused on delivering business intelligence and have the largest and most experienced dedicated BI team in New Zealand.  At Montage Business Intelligence we pride ourselves in the quality and depth of experience of our people, who have successfully completed business intelligence engagements across the globe. We use industry best practices to ensure a high quality outcome with enduring benefits for our customers. Our depth of enterprise scale experience makes us well suited to complex undertakings whilst having the agility to respond quickly to customer needs.

Montage Business Intelligence provides the end-to-end services required to deliver all stages of the Montage Business Intelligence framework. These services include business intelligence consulting, business intelligence programme and project management, reporting, measurement and analysis, data warehousing, planning, budgeting, forecasting and training.  To accommodate different business needs, Montage offers a range of BI service models from project based through to fully outsourced BI as a service.

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