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Project Server

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    Project Management
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    Microsoft Project Server 2010
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Hamilton City Council deals with hundreds of potential projects over a given period. The council prioritises them using a variety of value measures such as strategic value, financial value and risk become crucial in order to properly access and create a ‘common ground’ from which fair comparisons and judgments can be made.

Hamilton City Council required a high-governanced solution which would provide a robust and secure environment to ensure process and procedures are met; they also require the flexibility to be able modify and customise key elements. One of the major variables to fall under this category will be governance workflows - Project Server 2010 contains a ‘sample’ workflow that can be extended or customised using Visual Studio to meet unique requirements of the business, while maintaining role-based security and access.

Hamilton City Council indicated the need to approach this project in a way where it is flexible, adaptable and scalable to meet their needs both initially and in the future without the need for wholesale change, reconfiguration or loss of data.

To meet this requirement, Enlighten recommend an iterative phased approach to the project. This allowed the initial sandbox environment to be provisioned quickly, and subsequent training and documentation to be completed in a short timeframe. This approach required strong input from key stakeholders from Hamilton City Council, who also indicated their willingness to have maximum involvement in the project moving forward.

Project Portfolio Server allows HCC PMOs to effectively model scenarios based off multiple parameters and business drivers in order to identify the right projects to undertake at the right time, which is a huge plus when facing wish lists that exceed allocated budgets and attempting to maintain and maximise return on investment.

The Project Portfolio enables Hamilton City Council to define and communicate the business strategy, prioritise competing projects from multiple areas, and identify an optimal portfolio under vary

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