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Pulse IT Limited

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Phone: (9) 5251180
Fax: 9 5251190

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No Loose Ends Service Agreement

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The Pulse IT "No Loose Ends" support plan provides you the expertise of an entire IT department, for a known monthly fee.

With both 9/5 (Gold) and 24/7 (Platinum) support plans available, including full server melt-down insurance, we have the options that are just right for you.

Each of our No Loose Ends IT services support plans include the following:

Proactive monitoring of your servers - identifying and rectifying problems before they cause downtime
IT Consulting - large or small
Your dedicated and experienced IT manager - insuring your systems support your business objectives
Unlimited Onsite and Remote network support with your preferred engineer - a familiar face who understands your network intimately
Helpdesk services - and friendly voice to help you over the phone
Full remote support ability to all of your computers, whether in or out of the office - fast response
Network Audits and Consulting
IT project management - on time, on budget, every time
Management reporting - you are provided with the key performance indicators so you know what's going on at a glance
Hardware & Software asset management
Full network documentation

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