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Risk Management Solution That Saves Money and Manpower

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Our company, Enlighten Designs, provides design and IT solutions to all kinds of businesses. The solution presented here was devised for Mighty River Power, an integrated energy generation, trading, retailing, and metering business whose generation assets collectively account for up to twenty-two percent of New Zealand's peak energy demand. 

The RiskMan solution resolves the risk management issues that Mighty River Power was facing. RiskMan directly supports the generation-wide strategy of proactive risk management by delivering an amalgamated web-based quantitative Risk Management application.

RiskMan delivers the required functionality to support Mighty River Power's existing and future assets, thus reducing the data management risks and overhead costs. This includes such things as multiple concurrent failures, market variability, shared spares and "what-if" scenario modeling.

Customers enjoy the following benefits from this solution:

 - Clear, timely and reliable business insights

 - Lower insurance costs

 - Lower labour costs

 - Multiple functions that simplify the overall risk management process.

To learn more about RiskMan, contact Enlighten Designs today. We look forward to hearing from you.



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