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Downer EDI is an infrastructure company focused on the rail, mining, engineering and energy markets.  Downer EDI operates in Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific and the United Kingdom.  They help to build roads, towns, cities, and countries. 

Downer EDI has an annual worldwide turnover of NZ$6.5 billion and total assets exceeding NZ$3.5 billion.  In New Zealand they employ over 3,300 staff and have an annual turnover of NZ$750 million. 

In early 2010 Downer EDI Works and Downer EDI Engineering merged into a single organisation known as Downer EDI New Zealand Limited.  The primary objective of the merger was to develop and implement an operating structure that supports efficient operations, sustainable growth and enables Downer EDI New Zealand to “be the leading provider of essential infrastructure services in New Zealand.” 

A major productivity initiative of the merger involved the creation of a Finance and Administration Shared Services department.

The concept of a shared services model came out of a comprehensive Business Process Review which first looked at all of the current processes for Works and Engineering, and then developed a conceptual model for of a set of common “to be” processes that could apply to, and best support both organisations.

The following are examples of common actions the shared services team perform for the business:

-         Asset disposal requests
-         Asset transfer requests
-         Capital expenditure requests
-         Credit note requests
-         Claim invoice requests
-         Customer maintenance requests
-          Equipment setup requests
-          Internal invoice requests
-         Invoice requests
-         Supplier maintenance requests
-         Vehicle requisition requests
-         Bank deposit requests.

Prior to the merger the above activities were completed on a paper based system at a branch level.  The result was that requests took a long time to be approved as they often got lost or stuck at multiple physical approval points.  There was no audit trail and staff were frequently frustrated by the delays.  As a result the formal process was often sidestepped.

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