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Enlighten Deliver Successful SharePoint Implementations

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Does your organisation want to cut costs, save time and increase productivity of your employees? Using, sharing and storing information is an increasingly vital feature of business life. Falling communications costs, globalisation and the increasing specialisation of knowledge-based work have made collaboration within and among organisations more important than ever. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 provides you with the right collaboration tools to help your people work together better and faster.

As an award-winning Microsoft Partner, Enlighten has the talent and track record to increase the efficiency of your business processes and improve productivity through the deployment of SharePoint technology. Enlighten is one of New Zealand’s most experienced team of SharePoint specialists.

Enlighten is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. This accreditation recognises the highest level of technological excellence, marketplace impact and satisfaction of customers through using Microsoft products and services.

In 2010, Enlighten won two Microsoft New Zealand Partner Awards - the Supreme Business Impact Solution of the Year award, and the Enterprise Content Management Solution of the Year award. These awards are extremely prestigious, and Enlighten was honoured to receive two in one year.

Just recently, Enlighten won the Portals and Collaboration Solution of the Year Award after working with Mighty River Power at the 2011 Microsoft New Zealand Partner Awards.

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