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Project Control and Ranking System

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Our company, Enlighten Designs, works to solve the needs of all kinds of businesses. Enlighten specialises in integrating user systems for Business Intelligence solutions in an infrastructure environment.

Enlighten Designs' solution saw the development of a comprehensive web-based system, presented using the SharePoint 2007 platform. This solution aggregates massive amounts of data from a variety of data sources and systems. Complex business rules and formulas are applied to calculate financial performance metrics such as total cost of ownership, net present value, and return on investment.

Customers enjoy the following benefits from using our product:

 - Increased transparency

 - Reduced labour costs

 - Data consistency and completeness

 - Easier control of large amounts of data.

With Enlighten Designs' solution, customers can get structure and clarity in the budgeting and ranking process, and focus on project justifications rather than calculating cost-benefit analysis. These capabilities result in more accurate data storing and significant labour cost savings. Unlike other business solutions that require an additional level of functionality, Enlighten simplifies the process, making it easier and more efficient for users to operate.

To learn more about the Project Control and Ranking System, contact Enlighten Designs today.

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