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Doctor’s Desktop: Doctor’s Desktop is Web based application, prompts the work of the Doctor at his/her busy schedule. It starts with the Appointment Diary where in all the patients appointments can be viewed by the Doctor. Also shows the status of patients like visited/waiting/waiting for investigation etc. Complete history of registered patients will be available on a single key press. Selection and prescription of medicines – As it is integrated with pharmacy doctor’s can know available stock in the pharmacy and prescribe accordingly. Also provision to print prescription It is fully secured system& makes as a paper less office. Doctor's Desktop is integrated with the Document Management System. So easy storage and retrieval of all information related to patients in various documents with an integrated document management system. It can integrate with any of the existing Hospital Management System. Document Management System: Solver Document Manager (SDM) is a fully integrated suite of Enterprise Content Management software solutions that can communicate with complementary healthcare applications and includes core capabilities in EDMS (electronic document management), imaging, and workflow. Doctor’s Desktop, which includes various departments like 1. Cardiology 2. General Medicine 3. Orthopaedics 4. ENT 5. Paediatric 6. Dental 7. Physiotherapy 8. Dermatology 9. Gynaecology 10. Urology 11. General Surgery 12. Nephrology 13. Neurology 14. Ophthalmology 15. Radiology 16. Anaesthesiology Features: This is a highly flexible and user interface system Accessible through internet without interface tool Linked with Pharmacy, Lab, X-ray and all other departments. Patient history can be view at single key press. Suggestion or investigation /lab test/procedures given by the Doctor gets updated in the relevant department. Doctor can view the patients’ complete visit history will be available with related documents including lab reports, scan & X-rays in digital format. Integrated with Document Management System through which the existing paper document & image can be converted into electronic file format. In appointment list , waiting list of patients(yet to meet Doctor) , Pending patients (Patients undergone for some tests and again need to meet Doctor) like that details has been identified easily. Event logging/auditing feature to log details about user actions. Integration with other devices like digital notepad, pen etc is possible. Handling of Existing Patient Re

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