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Why should I use 51Degrees.mobi? - Mobile technology is complex, and it's changing all the time. 51Degrees.mobi takes care of the complexity and changes so you and your technology team don’t have to.

How much faster will my mobile web site perform with 51Degrees.mobi? - Simple images can be loaded over 100% faster. Independent analysis shows over a 9 times increase in performance can be achieved in some situations compared to standard ASP.NET.

What mobile phones are supported? - All mobile devices including Apple, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Phone, Web OS and many legacy and emerging platforms are supported.

How does 51Degrees.mobi overcome Session limitations for mobile applications? - Mobile Profile, an additional data persistence method, is used to store data across sessions, SMS messages, emails and even mobile devices.

How does 51Degrees.mobi change ASP.NET to improve performance? - Unused and large amounts of data are removed from the web page to improve performance.

Can I get the type of data connection the mobile device is using at runtime? - Yes. Properties provide bandwidth and page load information for previous requests.

Will 51Degrees.mobi find the geographic location of a mobile device? - 3 different methods are packaged in a simple to use ASP.NET control to help locate a mobile device.

How can I size image content for so many different mobile screen sizes? - 51Degrees.mobi image controls dynamically manipulate your images for maximum performance.

What options are available for supporting different input methods? - Dynamic enhancements are made for touch screens, numeric keypads, track balls and joysticks ensuring interactive elements are always easy to use.

How can I apply different designs and layouts to different types of mobile devices? - Different application themes and skins can be created and assigned dynamically to different mobile types. For example; an iPhone can receive a specific iPhone theme.

What methods are available for selecting dates? - 51Degrees.mobi provides a single ASP.NET control to capture dates consistently. It will render differently depending on the physical and technical characteristics of the mobile device.

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