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Annata Dynamics IDMS

by Annata

Annata Dynamics IDMS for Microsoft Dynamics AX - is an ERP vertical software solution for manufacturers, importers, dealers, fleet managers and service providers of the Automotive, Equipment, Rental, Fleet Industries.

Annata Dynamics IDMS It is built as an add-on to Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system and uses the standard features of Microsoft Dynamics AX, as well as extensive additional features specifically designed to support the automotive, construction and agriculture equipment business. It handles all key business processes throughout the entire vehicle’s/equipment’s lifecycle and allows to analyse it in a simple and readable way using Annata Analytics tools.

The development of the solution follows best practice methodology which minimizes upgrade efforts and version handling. 

Basic modules include:
    - Vehicle and machinery management (import, distribution and sales roles) 
    - Configurable sales management
    - Service and case management
    - Recall campaign management 
    - Claims management
    - Rental, contract and fleet management
    - Enhanced parts management
    - CRM
    - Dealer web portal 

Annata Dynamics IDMS is available and Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) for both Dynamics AX 4.0, 2009 and 2012

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