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BizBox Hospital System 7

by BizBox Inc.

“Mission Critical” best describes the solution needed by hospitals and medical centers in the world. With patients relying on the care and treatment from medical institutions, accurate, reliable and timely information is very vital.

BizBox Hospital System 7 (HS7) is designed with this mission critical environment in mind. The BHS software is secure yet flexible, powerful yet easy to use, simple yet comprehensive. Developed using Microsoft Technologies, HS7 uses the latest SQL Server 2005 to guarantee reliable enterprise-wide data management providing high availability 24/7.

The main strength of HS7 software is the fully integrated components for the different departments in hospitals. These areas include Admissions, OPDs, Nursing, Dietary, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology, ER, DR, NICU, ICU, Pulmonary Center, Heart Center, Eye Center, CSR, Logistics, Billing, Cashiering, Collection, Phil-health and Accounting to name a few. Each department’s data is linked to all relevant areas thus eliminating work redundancies and human errors. This approach enables hospital staff to operate at a much higher efficiency rate helping reduce manpower cost. It also aids in the real-time auditing to cut down on losses from inventory and collection.

Another strength of the system is its ease of use. Users regardless of skill level can learn and apply the software in their work with as little as 3 hours of training. Implementation of the whole project could be completed in a month, saving time and money on doing costly parallel runs. Standard operating procedures of hospitals that are usually circumvented will now be strictly followed due to controls set in place by the system.

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