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Many companies still rely on a manual data entry or two-step blind push to carry forward engineering data into Microsoft Dynamics ERP’s. Time spent by engineers to manually enter the same data is a waste of precious human resource and unavoidable human errors cause a threat to the data integrity inside the ERP. Furthermore, there is no review process in place to ensure all the changes are, in fact, what engineers intended.

The solution is CADLink: a real-time, turn-key system that bridges the gap between CAD and ERP. CADLink is an easy-to-use tool for engineering that plugs into your existing CAD system. View, modify, update, and create Microsoft Dynamics ERP’s engineering information such as Bills of Materials and Item Master data without ever leaving the design suite of your choice:
• AutoCAD
• Inventor
• SolidWorks
• NX
• Pro-E
• Creo
• SolidEdge
• DxDesigner

Additional integration with PLM/PDM systems is also available:
• Autodesk Vault
• SolidWorks ePDM
• Teamcenter
• SmarTeam
• Windchill

No more manual double data entries.
Reduce wrong inventories, scrap parts, wrong build situations, and late shipments.
CADLink increases the productivity and BOM data accuracy and will free up significant engineering resources, allowing your engineers to focus on what they do best: Engineering.

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