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DITA Exchange

DITA Exchange Server

by DITA Exchange
  • App Type

    On-Premises and/or Online Application
  • Business Need

    Content Management, Document Management
  • Works With

    Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for Internet Sites Enterprise, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft Word 2010
  • Industry Focus

    Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Telecommunications

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 provides a strong foundation for Content Management, and DITA Exchange Server enhances SharePoint to support the structured authoring, management, sharing and publishing of content maintained as reusable XML “content components” that can be dynamically-assembled into complete documents, rendered to Web pages, and be efficiently reused across all media channels.

DITA Exchange Server can be used wherever business users need to create and maintain content as a “single source of truth” that will be displayed across Web sites, delivered in email, or communicated through documents (in print or online).

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