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Scalable Data Systems Pty Ltd

Landed Cost For Microsoft Dynamics AX

by Scalable Data Systems Pty Ltd

The Landed Cost - Import Costing with Shipment Tracking module handles the costing and tracking of shipments which can contain many purchase orders and many items from those purchase orders. Up to 8 allocation methods can be used to automatically apportion costs associated with a shipment across items on the shipment to arrive at individual item landed costs. Costs are allocated at the point of receipt and are finalised at the point of costing providing accurate visibility of costs, as early as possible. The shipment costing module automatically tracks the accruals of on-costs and will handle the allocation and expensing of shipment costs after the shipment is costed so as to provide accurate shipment history for analysis. Unlike the standard purchase order miscellaneous charges, shipment miscellaneous charges can be allocated to a vendor other than the purchase order vendor. These costs are entered in against the shipment to automatically create vendor vouchers ensuring a single point of data entry. This module has been developed by Scalable.

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