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    Purchasing, Procurement
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    Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5
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    General - Applicable to All

The NAV Requisition and Canvassing Module is an add-on to the Purchases and Inventory Modules. This module has two components: Requisition Document
and Purchase Canvassing.

Requisition Document
Requisition Document is used to list items or services that are being requested.

You can use Requisition Document to:
- List items for canvassing and/ or items that need to be purchased. Request document is then transferred to the Requisition Worksheet.
-List items that shall be transferred to another location. Request document is then moved to the Transfer Order.
- List items that shall be expensed out. Request document shall be transferred to the Item Journal.

Purchase Canvass

Purchase canvass enhances the purchasing module of Microsoft Dynamics NAV by allowing you to record the canvass made to different suppliers and automatically select the best supplier.

The module also provides you different options in selecting the best supplier. Choosing the best supplier maybe configured in the system based on the criterion you set. Criteria are: best price, best delivery and best payment terms. You also opt to manually select the vendor.

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