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Vyapin Software Systems

Admin Report Kit for Exchange Server (ARKES)

by Vyapin Software Systems

Admin Report Kit for Exchange Server (ARKES) is an Exchange Server reporting solution that addresses the critical functions of auditing and reporting Exchange objects' configuration settings, usage and security.

ARKES adds value to your IT infrastructure through its strong value proposition:

-Increased ROI: saves numerous man-hours in gathering Exchange objects related information.

-Document Exchange Server information that will be useful for change management, disaster recovery, project management, IT system implementation, IT rollout checklists, system baseline configuration settings, internal controls etc.

-Improve server performance and operational efficiencies trough resource optimization.

Using ARKES, you can effectively manage your Exchange Server through its following features:

-Comprehensive server management reports addressing your compliance needs.

-Built In reports across Exchange Sites, Administrative Groups and Servers.

-Power Reports feature: a business intelligence & productivity tool for power administrators to run several pre-canned reports in Exchange Server environment.

-Powerful query based Data Filter options to track and report only the desired information.

- Create customized report views by selecting the desired fields and save the custom report view for repetitive use.

ARKES has a proven track record of enabling users to report about their Exchange environment consisting of over 10 Exchange Servers with 30,000+ mailboxes in Exchange Server.

ARKES stands out from the rest through the following differentiators:

-Easy installation and subscription processes.

-Easy integration with existing infrastructure.

-Easily configurable reports without mandating tedious end user training.

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