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Solver, Inc.

BI360 - Data Warehouse Solution

by Solver, Inc.

The BI360 Data Warehouse is a next generation pre-configured and customizable data warehouse based on the world-leading Microsoft SQL Server platform. Every mid-sized and large organization with multiple in-house or cloud-based data sources will strongly benefit from a central data warehouse where all of their key data can be stored and made available for reporting, modeling, analysis and dashboards. Until now, planning and implementing data warehouses has been complex, expensive and risky projects, often with mediocre results. Finally, a data-warehouse priced for the mid-market!

With BI360’s data warehouse, you can implement in days or weeks instead of months or years, and at a fraction of the cost and risk of a traditional “build-from-scratch” data warehouse project. BI360 will better equip your organization's personnel to identify challenges or issues, make timely decisions, and drive success.

The BI360 data warehouse also offers optional, directly integrated Excel-based reporting and budgeting as well as dashboard modules.

The BI360 data warehouse also include pre-built integration for common data sources like MS Dynamics (AX, GP, NAV, SL, and MS CRM), industry-specific transactional/financial systems, and many common data platforms that include Oracle, DB2 and others.

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