CardioLog – SharePoint Marketing Suite

by Intlock

The CardioLog – SharePoint Marketing Suite is a unique solution in the SharePoint arena. CardioLog provides an additional layer to the SharePoint solution with various marketing services and tools. Specifically designed for SharePoint environments, CardioLog provides true and insightful analytic information based on SharePoint’s hierarchy, taxonomy, content, and user metadata. The SharePoint Marketing Suite allows one to control and monitor website activity, business processes, and knowledge management. Customers can maximize ROI from website investment by assuring that the website and its connected applications are functioning in an optimal manner. With the SharePoint Marketing Suite, there is no need to edit any source code or deploy complicated modules; hence, the SharePoint Marketing Suite enables customers to easily use the best of breed web marketing solutions on the market. Furthermore, CardioLog acts as a middleware platform for implementing and integrating third party marketing services and tools for SharePoint websites and portals.

CardioLog – SharePoint Marketing Suite include:
- Web Analytics – Real time analytics, event tracking, path analysis, internal search, data export API, customized dashboards and reports, and automatic alerts.
- InSight – Next generation analytics decision making engine.
- Campaign Tracking and Advertising Effectiveness – Campaign and traffic source tracking, goal and funnel analysis.
- Optimization – Behavioral targeting, A/B and multivariate testing.
- Visitor Profiles – User segmentation, demographics, audience targeting, user engagement, user activity reports.
- Voice of Customer – Page-based comments, surveys, website satisfaction polls.
- SEO – IIS SEO Toolkit integration, search engine and keywords reports, site map management.
- Plugins – CRM integration, third party tools integration.

Why use CardioLog – SharePoint Marketing Suite?
- Rich Offering – A complete solution for marketers including a wide range of marketing modules.
- Centralized management and control – A unified interface for viewing and managing all of the web marketing services and tools.
- Synergy – No need to handle any code conflicts between the various web marketing services and tools.
- Ease of use – Easily run marketing services, set up test accounts, view real-time quota and details.

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