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Valentia Technologies

CareMonX CAD Suite

by Valentia Technologies

CareMonX CAD Suite enables a modern approach to Command and Control, while also leveraging the latest
available mobile technologies, geo systems and communications devices. Designed in active collaboration with public and private ambulance services internationally, it confidently addresses
the growing diverse requirements of current-day dispatch operations.

Multiple Communications Options

CareMonX CAD Suite has been designed to securely operate over all standard communication channels, including 3G, CDMA, GPRS, SMS, TETRA, UHF and VHF, thereby conferring total flexibility over communication
choices by ambulance services.

Hardware Independent

CareMonX CAD Suite does not require dedicated proprietary hardware and operates on normally-available hardware devices. Ambulance services can therefore maintain complete freedom over hardware selection.

Integration with Other Systems

CareMonX CAD Suite has also been designed to support single and two-way data exchange with a range of modern third-party systems, including Electronic Patient Care Reporting, Triage Management, Mapping, Billing, Resource Management, Crew Rostering, Fleet Management, Accounting and Regulatory Data Reporting Systems.

Platform Monitoring

Reflecting its mission-critical role, CareMonX CAD Suite enables real time centralised monitoring of
connectivity and status overviews of the entire network, mobile devices, applications, third-party system interfaces and active dispatch cases within the CareMonX environment. Automated alerts are activated where loss of connectivity occurs.

Platform Architecture

CareMonX CAD Suite has been designed on services-oriented architecture (SOA) using the latest Microsoft .net technology. It is optimally designed to operate on a centralised hosted model to facilitate efficient operational management and support.

Principal Features

- Highly Configurable
- Intuitive User-Easy Design
- Emergencies & Patient Transport
- Mobile Data Terminal (MDT)
- Integrated Geo Functionality
- Integrated Billing
- Flexible Modular Design
- Reports

Main Modules

- Emergency Call Taking
- Dispatching
- Patient Transport Services
- Mobile Data Terminal
- Geographical Information
- Demand Management
- Billing
- Reporting

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