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Scalable Data Systems Pty Ltd

Commodity Trading and Risk Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX

by Scalable Data Systems Pty Ltd

Scalable’s Commodity Trading fully integrates commodity trading with Microsoft Dynamics AX logistics and financial processes. The Commodity Trading solution leverages the full business functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX and complements it to meet the requirements of commodity trading.

Commodity Trading provides an integrated solution for contract administration, shipping/logistics, inventory management, financial integration and reporting.

All trading and contract information is available in real-time and the solution supports the full life cycle of commodity contracts. An innovative Risk Dashboard allows real time information about futures, options contracts, hedging and foreign exchange positions.

Flexibility and Better Communication:
Commodity Trading offers the flexibility to address special requirements in areas like, documentation, advanced logistics or compliance. Scalable’s Commodity Trading provides both the flexibility and control to trade successfully and real-time access to contract and logistics information supports better communication between departments and with suppliers.

Key Features of Commodity Trading:
- Track contract through the full life cycle from initial booking to invoicing
- Time saving contact entry and administration
- Compare contracts with daily market prices for mark to market valuations
- Contract Spreads across several delivery periods
- Quality based price adjustments (bonification)
- Workflow rules for the generation of shipping documents
- Advanced logistics with site scheduling, movement instructions and load management
- Logistics schedule with an overview of movement of goods, route and cost information for transports
- Set up and management of customer specific logistics documents
- Invoicing on behalf of commodity vendor freight companies, self billing invoices or RCTI
- Full integration with financial routines in Microsoft Dynamics AX
- Optional Risk Management
- Handling of multiple currencies

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