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eCommunic8+ - Enterprise Mobile Messaging Solution


eMail has been the primary driver of business for communication. It does open the World to a most cost effective and faster way of communication.
Infrastructure of Businesses rely on email systems as its main alerting system. Businesses communicate with Clients, Partners, and Suppliers via email. eCommunic8+ bridge the 2 most cost effective, reliable, and fast communication media to provide the real-time
and online communication. It does bridge eMail servers and the Telco, available before using very expensive software solutions. eCommunic8+ delivers the following:

- Enable Ordinary Mobile Phone (without MMS or GPRS) to be an eMail client, receives ordinary emails, send eMail messages

- Enable Servers/Application/Process eMail Alerts to be sent to Mobile users.

- Enable routing of critical email messages to Mobile Phone as SMS.

- Route all emails or only specific emails from selected sender email address

- Route email to another email address (i.e. from Office email to public mail system (yahoo, gmail etc.)

- Enable Mobile devices (w/o MMS or GPRS) to do Enterprise Transactions

- Allow users to inquire inventory, sales or revenue, send or post orders/leave requests, approve leave request/orders and other workflow tasks.

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