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Electronic Approval Work Flow System Add-on for Navision

  • App Type

    On-premises Application
  • Business Need

    Purchasing, Procurement
  • Works With

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5
  • Industry Focus

    General - Applicable to All

The e-Approval System is a fully customized functionality for Navision design to give a company more control over documents that are critical to its day-to-day business. It provides a way for a document such as a Purchase Order, to pass through an approving authority to make sure it’s correct, accurate and allowed by the company before it can be processed and posted.

An e-mail notification program is also integrated in the e-Approval System so that the approving authority can be alerted that a document needs to be approved.

e-Approval starts with the creation of a approval templates, which outlines the structure of an entire procedure. The template is connected to a certain entity, which can be a sales order, purchase invoice, or any other entity in Navision.

Design templates to give greater control over business process.

When a user creates a purchase order for example, and begins to initiate a certain function within Navision, such as Release or Post, e-Approval begins to work by determining if that particular document is subject for approval. If it is subject for approval, it looks at the approval templates that has been setup and tries to find a match. If it finds a match, the system will then try to route it for approval and send a notification email to the users that are to approve this document.

All documents subject for approval are viewable by all eligible users. As soon as a user processes a document, it is deleted from view of other users so no one wastes time on documents already processed.

Approvals can be multi-level so that after a user approves his level, the system will automatically route the document to the next higher level of approval.

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