MindStick SurveyManager

by MindStick

MindStick SurveyManager is a powerful easy to use software product which helps user to deploy ASP.NET web surveys in minutes, collect data and view results without writing any code. Our survey creating grid lets you design your survey and save that to a xml file. Then you can set this xml file as a property of web control dll which can be hosted in any existing ASPX web page or new page. Results of your surveys can be saved to a xml files and can be viewed in grid and chart format. Following are the highlights of MindStick SurveyManager:
1. Create a Web Survey, add questions, answer options and choose style without writing even one line of code.
2. Preview the created survey.
3. Host the survey in existing asp.net web form or create new one.
4. Choose the option to save the survey result in xml file.
5. Use MS SurveyManager Viewer to view the survey results in grid and chart format.
6. Use of Visual Studio is optional.

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