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Cycore Technology Solution Co. Inc.
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    Online Application
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    Payroll, Human Resource Management
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    Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Microsoft SQL Server, Prior Versions, Windows Vista Business
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    General - Applicable to All


An enterprise Human Resource Information Management System designed to help organization leverage on technology and attain effective and efficient management of its most important capital, its people.

PeopleCore includes very comprehensive and fully integrated system components aimed to streamline HR administrative tasks, improves communication and information management, full enforcement and implementation of policies, and provides instant critical reports and data for analysis and management


Complete, Comprehensive, and Fully Integrated HR Components (HRM Core, Applicant Service Core, Employee Service Core, Managers and Supervisors Service Core)
Applicable for Paperless Operations
Can be deployed using intranet or internet for more flexible deployment architecture.
Fully web-based design that simplify application deployment, administration and maintenance.
Applies User and Group Level Security that is easy to administer and customized
Integrated with work-flow using e-mail to notify designated approvers of any pending applications and due transactions or appointments. (E-mail infrastructure must be in-place for the online system to work or operate.)
Provides automated generation of bank, SSS, BIR, and HDMF text requirements and reports
Ready for integration with any type of timekeeping device such as biometrics, bar code reader, etc.

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