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NAV TMS is a robust solution designed to meet the specific needs of commercial, retail and real estate companies. Built based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, NAV TMS simplifies the lease management process giving you control and visibility into what's going in your
business. It automates the lease, utility and retail sales computations, monitors renewals, track vacancies, generates billing and ledger posting, and manages the
customer information.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV delivers powerful comprehensive business management capabilities that provide the increased control, streamlined operations, and insight you need to improve profitability and, ultimately, support your business as it grows. It is easy
to learn and use because it works like and with other familiar Microsoft technologies, such as Microsoft Office. And Microsoft Dynamics NAV works the way you work, so it's easier for you and your employees to make better decisions and get more done.

Key Features:
Tenant Management
- Tenant and customer (non- tenants) information management
- Utility, maintenance, CUSA and other recurring charges computation
- Interest and penalty calculations
- Utility meter reading
- Prompt payment discount and various payment options
- Percentage sales computation for malls
- Various options for tenant rental charges ( basic rent, basic rent plus % of sales, fixed amount, percentage of sales only, etc.)
- Automatic billing reminder generation
- Billing statement and official receipt generation
- Various billing method and frequency choices
- Post-dated check management
- Store historical data of all tenants

Stall/ Space Management
- Vacate & occupy space
- Stores important information like floor area and
historical data of each space

Property Maintenance
Financial Management
- Bank account management & reconciliation
- General ledger & journals
- VAT/ Non VAT facilities
- Multiple currency options
- Internal & external reporting facilities
- Budgets creation and variances reporting
- Fixed assets management
- Receivables management
- Payables management
- Purchase order management
- Export data from any form to Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel

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