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CBX Corporation

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Cebu City, Cebu, PHL | View Address

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Phone: +63 (32) 231-4369 x102
Fax: +63 (32) 231-4779

CBX Corporation is a Reseller, Service Provider and Systems Integrator of a wide spectrum of computer hardware and software solutions. Run by owners with engineering backgrounds, We cater to all kinds of institutions and clients in the Central and Southern part of the Philippines. Established way back in 1988, we are at the forefront of technology applications utilization with a goal of achieving optimum efficiency for our customers therefore minimizing their cost in doing business.

We have most of the resources to find new ways in solving our client's operational problems as well as issues unique to each customer. Our strenght lies in the following technologies: Computer Systems, Computer Networking, Server Selection and Deployment, Hardware and Software Integration, Printing Solutions, Wired and Wireless LANs, Biometric Scanner Solutions, Barcode Solutions, Voice over IP Solutions, GSM Telephony Gateway Solutions and of course Software Application Integration. We also support & repair products that we sell as well as products from other vendors whether it's under warranty or out.

Overall, our motto is "We try to give the best value for our customers in each and every project that we commit.

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