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Amellar Revenue Generation System (aRGS); Amellar GIS (aGIS);

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aRGS is composed of 7 modules, namely the Real Property Tax Administration System (RPTA), Business Permits and Licensing System (BPLS), Civil Registry System (CRS), Miscellaneous Revenues System (MRS), Engineering Permit System (EPS), Public Market System
(PMS) and Tricycle Registration System (TRS). RPTA computerizes and integrates the comprehensive appraisal, assessment, billing and collection of real property taxes. BPLS automates the licensing and collection activities of the Business Permits and Licensing
Office and Treasurer’s Office. CRS converts paper documents into digital documents that are exact replicas of their paper counterparts. It employs Digital Document Management System (DDMS) technology, and assists local civil registry offices in their day-to-day
operations. MRS manages the assessment and collection of all miscellaneous revenues that the LGU is authorized to impose. EPS automates the accurate and comprehensive assessment and collection of all fees and charges required by the National Building Code
(NBC), thereby expanding the LGU revenue base. PMS manages the collection and payment of public market rentals and fees. It automates the assessment and billing of charges to stallholders and other occupants. It includes a digitized physical layout of the
market, and provides the corresponding information for each stall and stallholder – greatly increasing efficiency in monitoring patterns of payment or non-payment.  TRS enables the LGU’s tricycle registration office to electronically manage and monitor tricycle
franchise and ownerships. It features a digitized map that shows tricycle routes and other pertinent information that help in analyzing traffic-related schemes and in regulating the number of tricycles appropriate to the population density of an area.Amellar
GIS for Revenue Generation

This GIS solution from Amellar focuses more on the generation of additional revenues to the users specially the local government units. The application helps users identify untapped revenues such as undeclared and under-declared
properties. It also allows local government units to extend their services to the taxpayers by providing advance mapping solutions that paper maps cannot provide.


This solution includes the following:

- Parcel Mapping for Land Inventory

- Business Mapping


Amellar GIS for Planning and Monitoring


This GIS solution from Amellar extends the power of GIS across users by providing advance analyses and utilizing various thematic maps. It also provides visual information with detailed attributes that allow users make
informed and wise decisions.


This solution includes the following:

- Socio-Economic Profiling with Spatial Analysis

- Land Use and Zoning

- Crime Information and Analysis with Network Analysis


Amellar GIS for Data Sharing and Sustainability


This GIS solution from Amellar expands the user-based of GIS application.  It allows users across local area network to take advantage of the visual information that digital maps can provide. With this solution, the Amellar’s
GIS application is no confined within any boundaries. It can now be shared across the globe.


This solution includes the following:

- Internet Mapping

- Mobile Mapping

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