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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a comprehensive, easy-to-use ERP system that enables mid-size organizations to streamline business processes for accelerated growth. You can tailor Microsoft Dynamics NAV to your business processes—manufacturing, distribution, financial management, sales and marketing, human resources, and others—and use it to accomplish your goals with optimal efficiency.

dB Wizards is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) specializing on Dynamics NAV catering to the manufacturing, distribution, pharmaceutical, banking and services industries.

The following features are available with Dynamics NAV:

*Role Tailored Centers (RTC) to give you quick access to modules that matter more to you depending on your role
*Financial Management
*Cash Management
*Supply Chain Management
*Sales and Receivables
*Purchase and Payables
*Inventory Management
*Manufacturing and Warehouse Management
*Asset Management

Some customizations that dB Wizards has done for the local market includes:
*BIR Reports (2550M, 2550Q, 1601-e, 1601-f, 1604-e, 2307)
*Petty Cash Module
*Distribution Management

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