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Nexus Technologies Anti Spam Products and Services

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Nexus Technologies Inc. was incorporated in December 1994 with a vision to create a professionally run company that delivers real business benefits to its clients through leading technologies. Today, Nexus is proud to be a prominent force in the Philippine IT industry, having carved a niche as the systems integrator and corporate IT reseller of choice of some of the Philippines' top corporations. It has successfully forged long-term client partnerships anchored by a keen understanding that technology plays a pivotal role in the delivery and the achievement of an organization's business goals.

Nexus is ably steered by the reputable industry experience and histories of its founders, Juan Chua, Alfonso Olondriz, and Mario Arroyo. The Nexus leadership makes it a fundamental practice to hire the best people in the industry and takes under its wings new blood with potential. As a result, the 130-strong company maintains a vibrant culture that is always open to new ideas and believes in the ability of its people to help move the business.

Flexibility and openness to change are among the strongest qualities of Nexus as a company. These are reflected on the various aspects of its business- from the management and the people, to the choice of solutions and quality of customer support.

Nexus maintains a strong network of IT solutions providers culled carefully from a genuine passion to provide solutions that offer genuine business advantage. The company has never been afraid to actively push new products. A local pioneer in solutions-based reselling, Nexus carried Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft back when they were new players in the server market. It approaches the business today with the same bravado.

Veering away from products that have been too commodified, Nexus constantly strives for the most effective mix of value and pricing in its broad range of offerings.

Beyond the sale, the company makes sure to stay with its customers through to implementation, ensuring service and support that enable customers to get the most returns from their investments.

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