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Business Intelligence Solution

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Microsoft SQL Server has new and improved Business Intelligence (BI) features that allow businesses to leverage their current Microsoft investment and be able to use it for a robust and affordable Business Intelligence solution.

dB Wizards' Solutions on BI can integrate with nearly all major relational database management systems and be used to present and explore data on heterogeneous systems. This fact makes Microsoft BI an affordable option for companies that may have thought they were stuck with high priced BI solutions.

dB Wizards can help you implement any and all parts of your Microsoft BI solution, ranging from report development, to an entire Data Warehousing and Analysis system.

Our Certified Consultants with years of expertise in Dashboards, Scorecards and Ad hoc analysis can help you get the most out of your Microsoft Business Intelligence investment. Our Business Intelligence Consulting covers full-solution delivery that includes:

*Data Warehousing
*Data Mining
*Data Integration
*Database Migration (from open source or Oracle to Microsoft)
*Reporting Solutions
*Performance Management
*Microsoft SharePoint Server BI Integration

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