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Online Insurance Portal

by exegesis infotech i pvt ltd

As consumer awareness spreads, the need to have oneself and family insured is becoming a mandate all across the world and very specifically in the developing nations. This brings forth the possibility of huge burst in awareness and the need for an online portal which allow retail customers to search, compare & buy insurance policies online using net banking & credit cards. The penetration of broadband also enhances the usefulness and the need to have such a channel open to the end customer.

eXEGESIS InfoTech has been on the forefront in this area – wherein we were involved in India’s first such portal launched way back in 2006. Although there has been a significant improvement in this area from a insurance broking perspective, insurance companies have also taken a lead from this and have started to have portals to sell their own products online namely health, motor and travel.

We have used the latest in Microsoft technologies i.e. .NET 4.0, IIS 7.5 and MS SQL Server 2008 to make the maximum benefit in terms of performance and optimisation.

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