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Powersoft19 is a multidimensional IT consulting firm dedicated to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses in the Global IT Industry.Since its inception Powersoft19 has expanded both its customer and product base. We now excel in Embedded Systems, Enterprise Application Development, Remote Monitoring & Management and Wireless services. To stay ahead of the challenges of ever changing software technologies, we have a dedicated research and development group comprising of professionals from varied backgrounds who are responsible for setting up the future strategies of the company.
To ensure proper communication and uninterrupted services, the company shrewdly uses the time difference with its international clients to achieve greater efficiency through 24 hour work day. The task sharing between on site and offshore teams is designed to ensure on-time project delivery while maintaining international quality. The added benefit of splitting up work between on-site and off-site teams is the massive reduction in project cost for clients.
The excellent record of the company with its local as well as international clients gives it a unique place among other IT and Software companies. Powersoft19 has the proven ability to develop robust, feature-rich and cost-effective Safety Critical Embedded Systems and Enterprise Applications which can be used for organizations in highly-competitive business environment. The quality of products and services delivered to our clients is complimented by the apt use of communication, consultancy and professional guidance provided by our experts.
Powersoft19 has developed for following domains:
-Highly Complex Systems (Hardware , Firmware, Software and Web)
-Safety Critical Embedded Solutions
-Patents Analysis and Writing
-Enterprise Application Development
-Outsourcing Services
-Quality Control
-CAD Services
-Network Management
-Training / e-Learning

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