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Inbox Business Technologies

Inbox Business Technologies

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Our Managed Services focus is to keep clients systems operational and available so that they can focus their efforts on the demands of growing business, managing costs and increasing revenues. With our Managed IT Services, we provide business with our highest level of support. Managed IT Services includes Infrastructure Management and Hardware Maintenance.

On-Site Support: Provides on-site personnel who can address infrastructure, hardware and software needs.

IT Staffing: With the constant influx of new technology and IT demands, most businesses can't keep up with continuous technical advances. We help and provide top engineers with the experience of Industry to accomplish client’s corporate IT goals.

To accomplish and successfully manage Infrastructure services, we provide three general categories:

Remote Help Desk: Our Remote Help Desk provides organization with a single point of contact for all end-users IT issues. Organization will receive consistent guidance and advice in addition to dependable restoration of regular services. Users can access the Help Desk by phone, e-mail or the web. Our live support technicians provide application technical support. Our support covers assistance with the features, functions and usage of software applications.
Remote Assist: For incidents that cannot be resolved by remote help desk contact, our Remote Assist capability reduces both the time to resolve a request and the frequency of site support dispatches. Typically, in response to a request for assistance using our Remote Assist service, a specially trained Inbox Help Desk technician gains end-user permission to take virtual control of the user’s desktop. This allows the technician to perform a hands-on investigation and resolution. This service includes capabilities such as configuration changes, file updates, driver updates and software reinstallation. Remote Assist services are stringently managed according to Inbox's Security best practices and standards. During the session, the user can observe exactly what the Inbox's Help Desk technician is doing and can terminate the session at any time.
Site Support: Incidents that cannot be resolved remotely by the technicians staffing a contact center often require assistance at the user's site. While the goal is to ensure this happens as seldom as possible, Our Site Support provides on-site assistance when it is necessary to address these infrequent events.

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