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    Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft ASP.NET, Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, Microsoft Visual C, C++, or C#, Microsoft Visual J++, or J#
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SourceArmor obfuscator will transform .net application, by applying obfuscating transformations and by keeping its functionally identical but in the same time much more difficult to reverse engineer.

This includes overloaded renaming of types, methods, events, properties, parameters, fields and events, resources, encryption of strings, control flow obfuscation, metadata pruning, insertion of invalid IL instructions, suppression of disassemblers and many other techniques.

SourceArmor supports all versions of .NET framework and all platforms (x86, AnyCpu and x64). It also supports obfuscation of mixed .NET applications (with both managed and unmanaged code) and precompiled ASP .NET WEB applications.

In this way PC Guard for .NET (binary encryption, copy protection and licensing) and SourceArmor .NET (source code obfuscation) present total software security and licensing solution for .NET framework applications.


- Overloaded renaming
Rename types, methods, events, properties, parameters, fields, events and resources.

- Compression and encryption of embedded resources.
Easily compress and encrypt embedded resources for additional protection.

- String encryption.
Encrypt all strings (text messages) inside methods.

- Control flow obfuscation.
Alter the flow of control within the methods by reordering instructions and loops.

- Packaging.
Compress, encrypt, tamper proof and package .NET applications into single executable.

- All .NET framework versions are supported.
SourceArmor supports all .NET framework versions (1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0)

- All .NET cpu targets are supported.
SourceArmor supports x86, AnyCpu and x64 .NET applications.

- Support for Mixed .NET applications.
SourceArmor supports mixed mode .NET applications (with both managed and unmanaged code).

- Support for all Windows .NET applications.
Windows Forms applications, Console applications, Windows Services, Control and Class Libraries, WPF Applications and libraries are all supported

- Support for ASP .NET WEB applications.
SourceArmor supports precompiled ASP .NET WEB applications.

- Metadata pruning.
Let SourceArmor remove unrequired metadata members.

- Disassembler suppression.
Suppress disassembly to IL by using popular disassemblers.

- Insertion of invalid IL.
- Advanced control of obfuscation process.
- Custom naming policy
- Strong name signature management.
- GUI and command line interface.
- Detailed obfuscation reporting.

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