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Dynamics4Me is a set of useful tools, modules and value added functionalities developed to help small and midsized companies to automate tasks, gain control over daily business, reduce costs and generate additional income. Among the most popular ones are Data Entry Management module, payment security instrument management, contracts management, inventory management, procedure scheduling and most certainly the online store – WebShop4Me.

WebShop4Me is a complete online store, fully integrated with MS Dynamics NAV. It is applicable to any industry and supports both B2B and B2C. It is designed to assist organizations to place their products online, provide key information about customers and offer a user-friendly environment for everyone involved in this process.

Key benefits of WebShop4Me online store are:

- Turnkey Solution, simple to install
- Flexible and easy to customize for specific business requirements
- Can be used as a B2B site, B2C site or a combination
- Supports local language, currency and legal regulations
- Seamless integration of with MS Dynamics NAV
- Easy administration through the WYSWYG Content Management System
- Familiar, convenient design, easy to learn and use
- Web orders are passed directly into your order entry systems, ensuring the product and pricing information accuracy.
- No need to create a catalogue of products, since all the products from MS Dynamics NAV can be displayed in WebShop4Me
- Increase in sales efficiency – because your company will be "open for business" around the world, anytime
- Reduce of costs due to elimination of order desk staff

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